Confessions of a Novelista


Dayanara Ryelle (7 January 1986) is a certified pharmacy technician and a novelist since childhood. Although she is usually known for writing action/adventure/thriller pieces, Daya's "must publish for 2014" slows things down with a novel that takes place in a convent. She has written two novellas and released her first poetry anthology in 2012. Her third novella, Early One Morning, was released in October 2013.


At the time of this update, I'm alternating between three manuscripts: January Rain (started in 2005 and listed as my "must publish" above), Exilium (started last year–that's the EoM sequel) and Dark and Dirty Games (started Feb 2014).

I haven't had any luck getting work as a pharmacy tech, so I'm looking at either becoming a sonographer (which I'd like to do) or a medical assistant (which I'm not too excited about, but there's a demand for.) ~March 7, 2014


Bachelor of Science, Alternative Medicine – Everglades University; Boca Raton, Florida (online)

Certified Pharmacy Technician (ExCPT) —  National Healthcareers Association (December 2013)


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