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Of Sibling Rivalry & Raffle Tickets

Of Sibling Rivalry & Raffle Tickets. Or: “What the author and I didn’t miss as only children”. 😀

Open Letter to the Brain Trust of Direct TV Ad Execs

Open Letter to the Brain Trust of Direct TV Ad Execs.


We’re telling you…these have to be the worst commercials on the planet. I don’t know which is worse…the one with the marionette doing the “sexy dance” in her nightie, or the one where the marionette gets caught up on the fan and goes flying.


Mother Goddess. (A *facepalm* isn’t enough, here.)



Remember how I threatened to leave?

Turns out you can easily change your handle here at WP. Except past-tense me already had the one current me wanted. So I sent it to myself (have I lost you, yet?), uploaded the posts and…I need to fix the widgets and things.


And get lunch.

And buy more groceries, including ice cream. (No wonder some call novelists “ugly actors”! *laughs*)

…did I mention that I’d originally intended to stay away from the internet today? Yeah, that’s working well! *eye roll*


Okay, I’m leaving. See you later.

…the new/old blog, still not fully tweaked, will be ^_^

How to kill the one you love…

So I'm sitting here and I'm very well aware that I should be working on Exilium (or, barring that, one of the other two novels), yet I have pyramids (a type of solitaire) open in one window and this in the other.

But I'm writing this to bring a couple of things to the fore, including one issue raised by the novel itself.


I already have the song planned out for the book trailer–"Viva la Vida" (Coldplay). It came to me, incidentally, within a few minutes of having finished Son of God. (Not in the theater, however…that strange honor belongs to "XXX's and OOO's" [Trisha Yearwood].) If you're familiar with the song, you know it has some very fitting lyrics, and even some biblical imagery.

I wanted to start working on the trailer shortly–today even–but I realized there's a problem. While I've done trailers with still photos in the past (see below for Early One Morning, if you haven't watched it already), I'd like to have some video for this one. And that means sampling from Son of God, which is rife with Pontius footage. So I have to wait for the DVD.

Which is all right, really, since I don't even have a concept yet.


Here's the video…


It turns out that my Grey-Eyed Monster (still adore that nickname!) is the one that precipitated my thoughts that incurred the post title.

The Voice of Inspiration says, "So how are you going to kill him?"

*blinks…once, then a couple of times*



That, in turn, raises the question: How do you kill the one you love?


(As a sidebar, I'd like to semi-joke and say it's "stalker-ish kind of love", only stalkers don't generally want you to stay with your wife/partner. Besides, You're a Gemini. If You're reading this, she can keep You! After all, what would I do with a fucking Gemini? Besides love You…and kiss You…and squeeze You…and oh, never mind! *giggling facepalm*)

Honestly, I don't know if I ever planned to kill Pontius Pilatus. I hadn't gotten that far. I'm still working on [spoilery stuff]. Exilium, after all, is what happens when Julia disobeys Pontius and stubbornly refuses to leave Sicilia, even after she's been exiled to Hibernia. (And also an excuse to include Jamie. As always.)

I don't generally put people I adore into villain positions; primarily because it contradicts the hunt/chase/kill instincts imbued in me by my tiger side. It also makes me inclined to allow them to "ride off into the sunset", even when their actions specify execution out of pure necessity.

Is it possible, therefore, that I won't kill off our Angry Judean Prefect? Absolutely. But the probability is uncertain at this point. Better to simply get through the part where Julia is questioning her vows as a priestess (and to Whom, specifically) and worry later about whether he'll die.



I didn’t realize how badly my static pages had fallen by the wayside.

I thought it was just my bio that needed updating, but Early One Morning didn’t have a purchasing link and it still mentioned the “ancient women” series that I put the kibosh on last winter. (I’m amazed I had the correct cover image!)


No idea what I’m going to do when the next book comes up…my navbar can only get so much bigger!