Confessions of a Novelista


Book Two of the House Osborn series

Preceded by: Emmeline (maybe?)
Succeeded by: Elizabeth (eventually)

Rated: 17



It is December 14, 2002. Ophelia Osborn is in bed with her fiancé when her bodyguard brings her the news—her father, American science magnate Norman Osborn, was killed in an accident three weeks before. With Dr. Osborn gone, Ophelia must return to America to fulfill her duties as heir to her father's empire.
Interweaving the Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi, Ophelia tells the hidden story of the Osborn family. When Norman died, the House of Osborn did not end…and the outcome was all a part of his master plan.
Author's Note: I applied twice for a copyright variance from Marvel, but never received a response. Since Ophelia Osborn was a character dreamed up in tandem with a gentleman claiming to be (executive producer) Grant Curtis, it is in a gray area between canon and fan fiction. See the copyright page for further information.
Paperback: $10.95
Kindle: $8.95
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