Confessions of a Novelista



Remember how I threatened to leave?

Turns out you can easily change your handle here at WP. Except past-tense me already had the one current me wanted. So I sent it to myself (have I lost you, yet?), uploaded the posts and…I need to fix the widgets and things.


And get lunch.

And buy more groceries, including ice cream. (No wonder some call novelists “ugly actors”! *laughs*)

…did I mention that I’d originally intended to stay away from the internet today? Yeah, that’s working well! *eye roll*


Okay, I’m leaving. See you later.

…the new/old blog, still not fully tweaked, will be ^_^



I didn’t realize how badly my static pages had fallen by the wayside.

I thought it was just my bio that needed updating, but Early One Morning didn’t have a purchasing link and it still mentioned the “ancient women” series that I put the kibosh on last winter. (I’m amazed I had the correct cover image!)


No idea what I’m going to do when the next book comes up…my navbar can only get so much bigger!


Win, Lose or Draw!

Five things:

  1. For the next few hours, “OMG” stands for “Oh my Greg”! (See Son of God for more detail!)
  2. Tiny quibble: the movie makes it look like Pontius Pilatus arrived in Jerusalem shortly before Jesus’s ministry/execution. He was actually there about eight years before the Sanhedrin decided Jesus was trouble.
  3. Big Quibble: you show Greg shirtless during a massage, but no sitting up and therefore no abs?! Wow…that makes it just shy of a perfect movie. (*giggle*)
  4. Yup, I’m still crazy for Amber Revah…she has a no sé lo que that Stana is missing.
  5. PMS is making me say “I HATE GEMINIS!” but watching Son of God makes me say, “I want to work on Exilium!” This is a problem.

Thank you to Mark and Roma for turboloading the movie with Greg. I owe you BIG TIME for that cinematic dream come true. ♥


Welcome to Normal

They say that pseudonyms are to protect the innocent. They forget to mention the times you’re all, “*snicker* I have no idea what so-and-so’s name is!” 😀

I found out recently from my friend “Mu” (no, not “Moo”, as in “Moogega, my nerdtastic sistah”; Mu as in “I’m using Greek letters instead of initials, this time”) that her parents, Omega and Delta Sigma, have gotten a divorce. (I was going to go with “Ben” [see above], but then I remembered Mu’s dad’s name, so I was able to swap in the appropriate character.)

Apparently, this has caused a “huge scandal” in the Sigma family. No word on the response from the…(*doesn’t know Omega’s maiden name, so shifts around for a character*)…Theta family; just that the Sigmas think that Omega and Delta were such a great couple and they never seemed to fight and one of the two must have cheated and…I won’t go on.

I won’t go on because no one–other than the participants in a marriage–knows what really happened. Even the children don’t always know.

My dad divorced…Upsilon…because she partied, slept around and wouldn’t go to church with him. But what would Upsilon say about their marriage now? Would she agree that she was a stupid teenager and that my dad had every right to divorce her, or would she maintain after all these years that he was just a big fuddy-duddy?

I know that my parents got divorced because my mother was a toxic, demanding, manipulative bitch that wouldn’t leave my father well enough alone. I was there for pretty much every fight, because I was only eleven and didn’t have a lot of friends. But what else was there that I might have missed? Even sixteen years later, I can’t be certain I know all the stories.

My mom divorced Rho because he was mentally and emotionally abusive, completely unprepared to have a stepchild and had mental health issues that made being married to him difficult. I’m not ever going to take Rho’s side, because he’s an asshole and he doesn’t deserve an advocate. Yet I have to wonder if–besides what I experienced–more of what I dislike about my mother that my father also struggled with came into play.

So I come back around to say that I don’t know why the Sigmas are making a big deal about Omega and Delta’s divorce. (Other than the fact that Kappa, Delta’s girlfriend, is quite young–as I saw with my own eyes tonight.) I don’t know how the Sigmas can think they know. I don’t know how the Sigmas can make a big deal out of it. They don’t know what went on. Mu and her husband Tau have no idea what went on. Only Omega and Delta know, and those are the secrets they are keeping to themselves.

I don’t know if the statistic is still true, but it was said in recent years that more than half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Then what’s the problem, Sigma family? Omega and Delta are no different.


Buckets of Silly

I don’t have a bucket list. But if I did, going to Spain and Japan and going back to Ireland would be on it.

Well, that and apparently travel via numbers three and five of the country’s busiest airports (my dad’s suggestion. *chuckle*) I did my first trip through [Chicago] O’Hare (2) as a little and my last trip was by myself at age 22. My first and only visit to Hartsfield-Jackson (1) was in 2003, since we flew Flint > Atlanta > Tampa. And I think it may have been the year before that that I flew through Miami (4). So I need to go to LAX (already plan to, since I want to move out that way) and find an excuse to fly Dallas-Fort Worth.


Other airports on the list that I’ve been to/through:

6. Denver
7. San Francisco
10. McCarran [Las Vegas]
13. Orlando
14. Newark
17. Detroit
29. Tampa


Maybe if I do a little more international traveling, I’ll manage the five busiest in the world. 😉